Advanced training courses

The project also provides different opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate students to acquire real-world experience of working as part of a research team. These courses allow them to learn particular tasks and skills related to the project by performing them.

During their collaboration with the research team they will acquire methodological and conceptual tools to study the interplay between music and the urban experience, with a particular interest in how music and sound participates in the transformation of contemporary urban spaces.

Spring 2019

«Mouraria campeã» (2019). A documentary project by Iñigo Sánchez, Jasemin Khaleli, Laetitia Salenders-Gomez, Julius Gobel and Isabel Reggiardo Sánchez

Fall 2019

The Sounds of Touristification Map is the main output of the first edition of the course “The Sonic Ecology of the Tourist City” (October-December 2019). The result was a collaborative online sound map with contributions by Stefan Brender, Katharina Steim, Karolina Barylska, Kira Kastowski, Pierre Bianco, Esra Vankoolwijk, Hanna van Mark and Lukas Boelinger.

Spring 2020

In «The Sonic Ecology of the Tourist City» course we will be working with audio story telling techniques to map the everyday life of one of Lisbon’s «hottest» touristic spots, the Castelo neighbourhood, where around 100 residents coexist with thousands of tourists that visit the Castelo de São Jorge (Lisbon’s best know touristic attraction) everyday.

In the second course we offer this semester «Geographies of Music and Sound Art«, we will provide an in-depth introduction to the geographies of music and sound art, drawing upon the burgeoning body of works on the relations between music, sound art, space and place, produced by geographers and other human and social scientists under the framework of the ‘spatial turn’.